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Created in 1912 by Harry Fox, the Fox Trot was the first dance that permitted people to hold each other closer than arm’s length. If you think the term ‘dirty dancing’ was a product of the 80s, think again. The Fox Trot was at first to be tagged ‘indecent behavior’. Today it’s still the most popular of all social dances. Some people refer to the Fox Trot as the ‘Slow Dance’ or the ‘Two-Step’, or a ‘Conversational Dance’ because of its closeness and conversation ability at the same time. The Fox Trot is good for developing ‘smoothness’ and ‘ease of movement’.

Dance lessons Greenville SC Rumba

The Rumba was originally done for amusement on the farms of Cuba. However, it became a popular ballroom dance and was introduced in the United States about 1933. In Rumba, steps are made with a slightly bent knee, which, when straightened, causes the hips to sway from side to side in what has come to be known as Cuban Motion. Rumba is one of the most romantic and popular of the social dances.

Dance Classes In Greenville SC Waltz

The real origin of the Waltz is rather obscure but, the Waltz can be traced back as far as 400+ years. The Waltz regained its real popularity in the 20th Century when the Waltz blossomed out as the Hesitation Waltz in 1913. Until the development of the hesitation, couples had waltzed in one direction until dizzy and then reversed the spin until ready to drop. The Waltz had degenerated into an endurance contest. The addition of the Hesitation resulted in the Waltz as it is done today. The slow Waltz was once known as the Boston Waltz. Today the slow Waltz is the go to dance for weddings, anniversaries and other formal occasions.

Dance Classes Greenville SC Tango

There are essentially three types of Tango: Argentine, American and International Style. Argentine Tango (Arrabalero): A dance created by the Gauchos in Buenos Aires. American Tango: The American Tango features a structure which is correlated to the musical phrasing. International Tango: This is a highly disciplined and distinctively structured form for dance sport events. The Tango is known as the “Dancer’s Dance” for its dramatic feel and sharp styling.

Dance Classes Greenville SC Bolero

Originally a Spanish dance, Bolero is a very slow type of Rumba rhythm. Its Style blends movements from Tango, Rumba and Waltz to make it one of the most sexy and unique of the popular social dances today.

Dance Classes Greenville SC Cha Cha

Cha Cha was created from when nightclubs and dance halls slowed the tempo of Mambo music. First known as triple Mambo, Cha Cha then became the popular dance we know today. Cha Cha’s fast footwork and festive personality is why Cha Cha is still one of the most popular social dances being danced today.

Dance Classes Greenville SC Salsa

The word “Salsa” means sauce – denoting a hot, spicy flavor. This definition describes the dance Salsa perfectly. Salsa’s fast music blended with the dancer’s wraps, spins and quick footwork make this a “Must Have” for any Latin Social Dance floor. Salsa has many different styles; Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2 and Salsa on 3

Dance Classes Greenville SC Swing

Swing is an ever popular blend of several dance styles, which include; Lindy, Ragtime, Jazz and Blues. Today it generally refers to the ballroom and nightclub version which can be danced to Rock and Roll, Country, 80’s, Pop and Social music. The swing is full of spins, turns and kicks that make it still the most popular fast dance being danced today.

Dance Classes Greenville SC Hustle

The record ‘Do The Hustle’ by Van McCoy, was followed by the movie Saturday Night Fever. This movie portrayal of partner dancing by John Travolta to the popular beat of top selling music from the Bee Gees and the introduction to America of the Discotheque setting, took America by storm. Flashing lights, mirrors everywhere, loud throbbing beat and high fashion were in. Today’s hustle has morphed into more of a swing style called club swing which can be seen on most dance floors when the music gets fast.

Dance Classes Greenville SC Viennese Waltz

With such wonderful composers as Johann Strauss and others, the Waltz became more and more refined. The steps became smaller with the turns smoother and more compact. Adding the graceful lilt of the flowing skirts, we have today’s Viennese Waltz. It is the fastest of the Waltz tempos.